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Have a look at this alert on Coca-Cola Grape brand.

Grape FANTA.

a popular soft drink from the Coca–Cola Group in Brasil .
Not available for translations in PowerPoint [‘.ppt’], below see the original Word [‘.doc’] version for the Fanta Uva alert in English ; also see the version to Brasilian in ‘alerta – fanta – pb’.

Do not drink any more Fanta Uva – Grape FANTA –.
Advertising on the soft drink has been halted ...
The reason ? check it out ... you may no longer see ads in the media ... What may have happened ?
We are reviewing and disclosing the text as follows as reference and acknowledgement, mainly for those who used to drink this soft drink – the Grape FANTA.

This e–mail is being reviewed in the Hospital where one of the author’s acquaintances works at.
The matter of fact is already confirmed : 23 people have already entered the S.Paulo Central Hospital with the same symptom : kidney failure and rectum tumors uprising.

“All inmates have reported the disease started and they were admitted after drinking much Grape FANTA”.
Well–known Instituto Fleury, the main S.Paulo Research Institute in Health and Sanitation, has detected large amounts of Fenofinol, Almeido and Voliteral, all toxic products causing kidney failure and cancer.
According to Paulo José Teixeira, MD., a Toxicology Specialist graduated by S.Paulo University, people should not drink the FANTA soft drink.
Coca-Cola – FANTA manufacturer – Board has already accepted charges and declared guilty ; has promised to indemnify all patients and all those who may contaminate from the drink.

So, FOR GOD’S SAKE … pass the message on.
Just in case, let’s try to remedy the disaster while there is still time.

Have in mind to disclose this to all in your family and your job ; each is to choose by him[her]self according to each one’s conscience, but our should be at ease.

Please do not fail to distribute this alert to all your acquaintances … MERRY IS ONE WHO TRANSFERS KNOWLEDGES AND LEARNS FROM WHAT HE[SHE] TEACHES.

É ... vocês se lembram da Grapette dos anos 60 ? Nick.

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